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You, along with 12 other NPCs, are sent out on a camping trip to Strawmellow Woods. You set up a few tents, you make small talk between your peers, and you explore the campgrounds. As night arrives, you and your group sit down on logs near the campfire and tell spooky stories. However, you sense a sickly feeling that night; there's something watching you... RUN.

To get an idea of the game, check out the ROBLOX game: Camping. It is loosely based off that. I encourage you to play it, it's a really good game.


I'm Interested, tell me more!

The Campfire is a brand new, fresh horror indie game in early production by ShakeyGames, a company which has only one person working in it (Sad, I know). In fact, the game's production is so early that there isn't even a prototype yet! A prototype, as of the 1st of June 2019, has just begun development and will most likely be released at about the 22nd of June. The game is inspired by how society has 'spookified' camping trips into horror movies and TV shows. WARNING: The game isn't one of those 'spoopy' games, games that might get a little creepy but it's all funny and childish. This game is aimed to contain jump scares and disturbing plots. It is full of mystery; who did that? Who was that? Who IS that? 


Can I help? Can I know more?

You sure can! ShakeyGames is always looking for developers, early access testers, and fans! Just go down to the contacts section below for my email. 

You want to help out with the development? Thanks a lot! You can email me if you have UNITY Game Engine, and you may tell me which field you are better at: programming, design/art, or a little bit of both. When the full game comes out, I will give you a special version of the game called 'The Campfire: Gold'. If you're an early access tester or an early fan, you will receive other special versions of the game. The gold version is the best, with the most new content and a greater plot with some better tools and equipment. Silver and Bronze versions are handed out for Early Access testers and fans.

If you want to be an early access tester, email me your interests and I will most likely accept. When the new prototype is out (by the end of this June), I will then contact you and send you the prototype itself, and we will get down to business. When the full game is released, you will  also receive a special version of the game named 'The Campfire: Silver'. This game has new content, better plot, and amazing perks - but, the gold version is better, adding some more perks.

If you just want to play the game when It comes out and are interested in it, email me also and I'll be sure to give you a guarantee for the last special version of the game, 'The Campfire: Bronze'. It is similar to the other two, but with slightly less content. 

All help is appreciated, and the new content of the gold, silver and bronze versions of the game will be released when the full game's content is announced. The special versions add a ton more to the game, so make sure you email me for one of those positions!


Contact Me!

Email: shakeygames404@gmail.com

Check out the DevLog, too! I'll be posting updates on the game every day!



Creator: ShakeyGames




Q: When is the FULL GAME coming out?

The prototype should be out by the 22nd of June, the complete Alpha by late July/Early August, the complete Beta by Late August, and the full game by early September - all in this year!

Q: Do I have to be qualified to be a play tester, a programmer, or an artist for the game?

You don't have to be qualified, you could be an amateur! Just, at least, have some basic knowledge in your field (play testing, programming, designing) when you apply, though!

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